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Boundaries - Poetics of conflict

The 8th edition of Sutnarka's annual International Photography Symposium and Exhibition revisits its 2018 concept: boundaries. You can go through the exhibition thanks to a virtual tour from the students of the Multimedia Studio in the link here. You can find the almost seven-hour recording of the symposium, which took place on December 17, 2020, and virtually connected Pilsen with Prague, the Netherlands, Israel, Taiwan, but also the United States of America, on our Youtube channel here.

od: Friday, 04 December 2020
do: Saturday, 19 December 2020

In today's global context, political turmoil and the Corona pandemic are dominantly present. Each in their way they contribute to challenging situations of protests and lockdowns; both of which caused our personal and societal boundaries to be subjected to unpredictability. This year we are communally affected by a string of awe-evoking events that call life as we know it into question. From fighting a stealth virus through quarantining to taking a stand against political corruption by marching the streets, boundaries have seldomly appeared so confrontational. The exhibition and the symposium Boundaries, poetics of conflict, organized by Vojtěch Aubrecht and Štěpán Grygar from the studio of Photography at Sutnarka and curator Jan Van Woensel, serves as an intersection of opinions that subscribe to and reflect upon our circumstantially intensified consciousness.

The process of defining, evaluating and redefining boundaries is significant. The dynamic tension that exists between the act of setting boundaries and their inevitable, sometimes immediate transgression, touches upon the paradoxical nature of life. For all kinds of reasons boundaries are redrawn at some point in time. They are destined to transition and temporary in effect. The artworks presented in the international group exhibition move in orbit around this mentioned evolution. Consequently, they each confess to certain poetics of conflict.

Boundaries, poetics of conflict shows artworks that imagines the accidental or intended collisions of geographical borders, the periphery, history, politics, religion, the desolate, life's routine, human fragility, significance and nothingness, the skin, disguise and identity, family, safety and alienation. The result is an exhibition that invites the visitor to engage in a visual journey of multilayered and interconnected meanings in which boundaries are constantly redefined.

The international group exhibition Boundaries, poetics of conflict brings together the work of emerging and established artists from the Czech Republic, Taiwan, the U.S.A., Israel, Belarus, the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland. Each of these photographers take individual and unique approaches to the theme of boundaries in their artistic practice.

Artists: Hynek Alt (CZ), Vojtěch Aubrecht (CZ), Roei Greenberg (IL/UK), Heidi Kirjavainen (FI/BE), Johannes Schwartz (NL), Jay Wolke (USA), Rosalie Yu (TW), Sergey Zhdanovich (BLR)

Organizers: Vojtěch Aubrecht & Štěpán Grygar, Studio of Photography at Sutnarka

Curator Jan Van Woensel

Photos: Alex Dym

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