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The 7th International Photography Symposium & Exhibition

The Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art and the Ladislav Sutnar Gallery invite you to the opening of the Integrated Photography exhibition, which will take place on Wednesday 11 December from 6 pm.

vernisáž: Wednesday, 11 December 2019
od: Friday, 06 December 2019
do: Saturday, 04 January 2020

The 7th International Photography Symposium & Exhibition explores the pragmatic and conceptual peripheries of photography and its crossovers with other disciplines. Photography as an integrated medium in graphic art, illustration, advertisement, collage, painting, sculpture, installation, video, performance or a combination of disciplines determinately rose from its initial subordinate position to classic photography and established an exciting new direction in art. Artistic practices in which photography is an integrated element and establishes a synergetic relationship with the artwork can be traced back to the European avant-garde movements and continue to exist today. A pioneering example is Man Ray's 1922 'Object to be Destroyed': a metronome with a photograph of an eye mounted to the swinging arm. This provocative combined piece forever changed the artistic language of Ray's practice who famously turned to photography with the intent to "violate the boundaries of the medium" via experiments with chemistry, exposure, objects and composition. Another example, yet different in nature, is the evolution of photography from documentary to constitutive in 1960's performance art. In its original intention, the for that time new art form of performance provided a unique live experience to a limited audience. The photograph of the action offered an alibi for the performance's short-lived existence and the captured image served as a useful vehicle to reach a wider audience. Gradually, performance artists bypassed the public and staged their actions expressly for the camera. The images that result thereof are the recordings of a private event, as well as, autonomous works of art that memorialize unrepeatable moments of life. Photography thus became the fully integrated raison d'être of performance art.

The exhibition will feature photographs by the following authors: Irena Armutidisová (CZ), Christine Clinckx (BE), Hans Cogne (SE), Jiang Hongqing (CN), Michal Huba (SK), Thomas Kuijpers (NL), Brooklyn McTavish (USA), Doron Polak & Amir Cohen (IL), Ross Sawyers (USA)

The 7th International Photography Symposium & Exhibition, organized by Vojtĕch Aubrecht and Štĕpán Grygar of the Photography Studio of Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art of Westbehemian University in Pilsen, and curated by Jan Van Woensel brings together a group of international artists who actively contribute to the debate of how photography has an integrated value within their practice.

The artists will participate in the symposium:

Christine Clinckx (BE)
Hans Cogne (SE)
Jiang Hongqing (CN)
Michal Huba (SK)
Thomas Kuijpers (NL)
Brooklyn McTavish - Patrick Ibizugbe(USA)
Doron Polak & Amir Cohen (IL)
Ross Sawyers (USA)

The accompanying exhibition hosted by Ladislav Sutnar Gallery in Pilsen aims to offer art professionals and students a critical reflection of integrated photography today.

Jan Van Woensel


Thomas Kuijpers

Introduction: "Decor" is an experiment by Dutch artist Thomas Kuijpers. "Decor" is a series of works in which he deleted the actions and the people in certain landscapes. These landscapes are the decors of the most horrific, repulsive videos Kuijpers has seen in years: propaganda videos made by IS (Islamic State) that include murder and torture. After watching fragments of those videos, he felt numb and emotionally disturbed. Kuijpers started to erase and photoshop Islamic State's actions of inhumanity out of these landscapes. And he started to look for writers who could write a new scene to fill these landscapes.

Call: "Dear people, I was wondering if you could write a short story, a scene, a line, or just one word to fill one of these decors. The writing is completely free, you can focus on one image, or more, fictional or semi-fictional, poetic, or analytic... anything is okay. The goal is to create an alternative experience with the images of empty landscapes that I provide. Your texts will be added to the book with writings that is part of the installation "Decor". With many thanks! Thomas"

P.S.: If you write about a particular landscape please let me know which one it is.
P.P.S.: When you write in your native language, please provide an English translation, since the exact meaning of words is very hard to interpret/translate by others than the writer, especially when your textual contribution is of poetic nature.

Thomas Kuijpers is one of the international artists in the group exhibition "Integrated Photography", in the context of the "7th International Photography Symposium & Exhibition". Ladislav Sutnar Gallery, from Dec. 6th until Jan. 4th 2020. Curator Jan Van Woensel

Internet: www.thomk.nl
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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