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It Is Nowhere to Go...

Wednesday, 03 October 2018 00:00

In 2018, students of the Studio of Sculpture and Space participated in workshops guided by professor Jiří Beránek and the result are Land-art Artworks which surround the castle Klenová.

"It is nowhere to go, nowhere to run now... Everything is covered with concrete, there are no trees, we do not have enough water, we have to stop thinking about profit and start focusing on nature and give it back what we had stolen..." , these words by Jiří Beránek outline the exhibition of Land-art Artworks created by students of the Studio of Sculpture and Space at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art. The artworks are spread around the castle Klenová, where they became part of a new Land-art Trail. Individual works correspond to the places for which they were created, enhance the strength and history of the local landscape, its reliefs and far-reaching views. They reflect one's place on earth, his possessive and unsustainable approach to its "management", as well as the imbalance between the basic spheres of human life.

"I decided to place my Land-art Artworks into the hilly countryside near the castle Klenová. I created objects of hemispherical shape which make reference to dry forest pools, puddles and water resources which are today very scarce and have always been the source of life," says the author of the artworks entitled "Pools as Oases of Life", Vojtěch Jakimiv. Eliška Pánková is the author of an artwork entitled "What I See is No Longer Here". Her artistic creation makes reference to the flow of time and the presence of God, therefore, she decided to place the artwork in the church of St. Felix, which is located in the vicinity of the castle. "The holy divine spirit enters into the church through the flat tiles. My drawing is a paraphrase of silent prayers and wishes which penetrate the substance and are reflected on the surface of the roof." The artist Adam Trbušek, who is the author of Panopticon - a rabbit who is eating a man- which is located in the Pilsen housing development Lochotín, created an artwork entitled "It is Time to Give Everything Back to Nature" and says: "My work reflects lyrical ideas on development and disappearance, construction and destruction, responsibility and indifference."

On the list of above-mentioned authors also belong the names such as Petr Filip, Jakub Šik and Šimon Beránek. All works were created as part of the international project "Growing - From the Land to the Land", which was carried out by the Gallery Klatovy/Klenová, the Faculty of Design and Art (FDULS), and the Bavarian towns of Schönsee (through the centre Bavaria Bohemia) and Vilsceck (represented by the city gallery). "The core idea of the project is to interconnect various art activities carried out in the Czech Republic and in Germany, especially in the border areas, the goal is to intensify and deepen cross-border cooperation", says the director of the gallery Klatovy/Klenová Hana Kristová and presents the entire project: "During 2018, we organized weekly workshops which were attended by 6 students from the Faculty of Design and Art. They created their works under the guidance of Prof. Jiří Beránek. Students had a unique opportunity to work with the landscape and created works for the Land-art Trail which already features works by contemporary Czech and foreign sculptors. The workshops also included lectures closely related to the theme of Land-art. Moreover, they became a meeting point for the public and experts, as well as for the local citizens who could discuss changes and the process of landscaping which influence their living space."

In 2019, the project will continue with an internship of FDULS students who focus on the sculpture which will be organized in the abandoned vanished village of Bügellohe. The task will be to creatively depict the remains of the abandoned village. At the same time, in 2019, an international sculpture symposium will take place in the Bavarian town of Vilseck. This event will be attended by two artists from Bavaria and two artists from Bohemia who created sculptures for the castle Klenová. Their artworks will complement an urban international artistic path and will be integrated into the existing artistic achievements. The entire project will be completed in 2020 with a series of travelling exhibitions which display the work of students of the Studio of Applied Photography whose task was to take photographs of the resulting artworks.

The project is financially supported by the European Regional Development Fund within the cross-border cooperation "Czech Republic - The Independent State of Bavaria Objective ETC 2014-2020".

Foto: Tereza Dudíková

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