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The Book “Sutnar Shapes” Won the Prestigious Red Dot Design Award

Tuesday, 28 August 2018 00:00

The students of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art were inspired by Sutnar's work. This inspiration resulted in the book "Sutnar Shapes" which was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The publication was released last fall and its concept and graphic design were created by the head of the Studio of Graphic Design, Kristýna Fišerová.

The book presents selected works created by students of art and design from the Czech Republic and the United States which were created under the guidance of Steven Heller from the School of Visual Arts, New York.

Its story began in 1969 when Ladislav Sutnar created the book "The World of Shape". Sutnar's idea was to create a guide for children and adults which would take them to the world of various shapes that surround us. His idea was, however, very revolutionary and it is no surprise that he failed to find a publisher who would publish his work.

But something remained, and this became the starting point of the project "Sutnar Shapes". "The fact that his achievement remained unfinished led us to the idea of trying to complete it or develop it and we decided to assign this task to university students. They worked on the project under the guidance of Steven Heller from the School of Visual Art in New York and under the direction of our Faculty teachers Štěpán Grygar, Kristýna Fišerová, Ditta Jiřičková, Renáta Fučíková and Václav Šlajch," says the Dean of the Faculty Josef Mištera.

The publication was entered for the international competition Red Dot Award this spring. The project was one of 8,610 works from 45 countries from which a 24-member committee selected a total of 649 works in 17 categories. The book "Sutnar Shapes" received the award for graphic design in the category Communication Design.
The presentation ceremony will be held in Berlin on October 26. All award-winning works will be displayed at the exhibition Design on Stage in Berlin's cultural space E-Werk.

It is another success for this publication since it won the 2nd place in the competition The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2017.

Product photo: Matej Veselý

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