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Students of the Studio of Fashion Design Impressed the Italian City of Milan

Wednesday, 27 June 2018 00:00

Michaela Šimůnková and Adam Frk won the European competition "Shake the Future of the Footwear Sector", whose final round was held on Monday, June 25 in Milan, Italy. They competed with designers from Portugal, Spain and Italy and succeeded with shoes that seem to float on a large three-part sole.

Michaela Šimůnková, a student of the third year of a Bachelor study programme and Adam Frk, a student of the first year of a Master's degree programme, amazed the Jury with shoes they had created under the guidance of Helena Krbcová. Together, they worked on a project entitled 3FLT. FLT is an abbreviation for the word "float", because the shoe appears to float on the bulky three-part sole. The number 3 in the 3FLT name stands for the three pillars on which our design is based on: sustainability, design and community. The students of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art submitted their proposal in April and were the only representatives of the Czech Republic who advanced to the finals.

"While designing the looks of the shoe we tried to incorporate many functional features to ensure the highest comfort and functionality. We tried to think of every aspect of the development of a shoe, from initial idea and design to how the customer would engage with the product but also what impact would our shoe will have on people and environment," says the students, and added that their shoes are made from biodegradable materials - leather and its imitation used at the top of the shoe, and polyurethane used for the creation of the sole.

The whole concept is based on the idea to offer a product freely available via an application and not through traditional permanent stores and e-commerce. The goal is to connect customers and create a community of users who would customise their shoes and share their creations. "One part of our project is building a community through an app where people would customise their shoes, choosing materials, colours and share their creations with other users," says Adam Frk.

Students worked on the product for about two months. The final creation is the result of joint efforts and compromise. "Sometimes we disagreed, but it was actually good. Discussion and different approaches are very important," said Michaela.

Adam sewed the upper part and my task was to finish the sole, adds Michaela. The competition "Shake the Future of the Footwear Sector" is held by the European Confederation of the Footwear Industry (CEC), Assocalzaturifici and IndustriAll Europe. The Jury, whose members were, among others, the fashion designer Giuseppe Zanotti, were impressed by the overall idea of sustainability and the creation of an application that allows customers to design their shoes, share their designs, and recycle used goods. The Jury was composed of prominent experts and representatives of the European Confederation of the Footwear Industry which is based in Brussels. "The level of processing of this unique model is so high that it could go straight into production", commented the head of the studio Helena Krbcová. In addition to the prize money of 3,000 EUR, the students received offers for an internship at a professional shoe company. The organizer of the competition already has several offers from manufacturers who are interested in launching the concept.

 Foto: Helena Krbcová

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