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ArtCamp visiting artists exhibit at the Ladislav Sutnar Gallery

Wednesday, 19 July 2017 11:37

The exhibition presents artwork of illustrators from Japan and Iran.

Two concurrent exhibitions at the Ladislav Sutnar Gallery introduce visiting artists of the ArtCamp international summer school of art taking place at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art between July 10 and 28. Both Hiroko Matsushita and Ali Boozari taught the courses of illustration. However, each of them shared a completely different approach with the participants.

Japanese artist Hiroko Matsushita introduced the participants of her illustration course into the traditional techniques of paper cutting and folding to create 3D objects and illustrations, while Iranian illustrator Ali Boozari showed his participant show to develop their illustrations using various graphic techniques such as linocut, monotype and collage.

Both exhibitions run until 5 August 2018.

Hiroko Matsushita / Here and There
Hiroko Matsushita is a Japanese artist and illustrator who predominantly uses paper, light and shadow as a preferred medium. Alongside her paper illustrations for many commercial projects she explores duality and uncertainty of the boundary between the inside and the outside, the presence and absence.

The visitors of the Ladislav Sutnar Gallery will see two types of artwork based on the concept of „here and there". One is a book reflecting dualistic elements of traditional tales such as good/evil, young/old or happiness/unhappiness. Folded paper creates two different viewpoints of inside and outside, which alludes to known and unknown stories. Then there is a large geometrical object directly mounted on the wall of the gallery. Small paper boxes are aligned together to shape the wall and create a perspective structure.

„I choose paper as the preferred material for most of my works. Paper intriques me not only because of my cultural background, but also because of the dualistic notion that I can draw from; front/back, flatness/volume, positive/negative space and light/shadow," says Hiroko Matsushita.

Ali Boozari / Under Press
Ali Boozari is an Iranian illustrator, art curator and art historian. He has participated in a number of exhibitions in Iran, France, Slovak Republic, USA, Germany, Denmark, South Korea, Japan, Italy and other countries. His illustrations have been highly appreciated in the world and he has won several prestigious awards such as the New Horizon Award at the Bologna Children's Book Fair (2012) and Honor Diploma of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) (2010).

The current exhibition is a retrospective of his illustrations created with printmaking, mainly linocut. Although he has been using various art techniques, printmaking is his favourite one. He believes that using this technique he can create the art for children which can also be on the level of masterpieces for museums. Therefore Ali always aims to create illustrations that are artistic and can develop the art level in the audiences while being understandable, useable and joyful for children at the same time.


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