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The Ladislav Sutnar´s Faculty of Design and Art (LSFDA) of the University of West Bohemia (UWB) is currently one of the youngest art schools with a focus on art and design.

The core orientation of the Institute’s specializations is in the field of applied art and design. Our school is characterized by interdisciplinarity, interconnections of various fields and their overlaps within the Faculty, but also outside the Faculty, with the other faculties of the university. It results in close cooperation with technical and humanities-oriented faculties of the University of West Bohemia, which allows a significant expansion of the variety of subjects offered. The concept of optional courses and the credit system of the university make the interdisciplinary connections and the exchange and complementation of knowledge between faculties possible. Therefore, the LSFDA students have at their disposal a great deal of information and laboratory equipment at a very high level.

The students of the Ladislav Sutnar´s Faculty of Design and Art are successful in local and international competitions, the school participates significantly in the project Pilsen – European Capital of Culture 2015, runs the Ladislav Sutnar Gallery and cooperates with a number of Czech and international cultural and educational institutions.

Studio instruction is provided by the LSFDA teachers. At the same time, the Faculty is using state-of-the-art technical facilities of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Applied Sciences and their teaching equipment for teaching LSFDA subjects. Languages are taught by the teachers of the Institute of Applied Language Studies of the University. The Ladislav Sutnar Faculty od Design and Art is able to flexibly respond to new needs on the existing market and add new subjects to the list of courses offered.

Currently, the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty od Design and Art provides education for 460 students in accredited Bachelor's and Master's Degree Study Programs of Art and Design, in several fields of study and specializations.
Since September 2012 (academic year 2012/13), after our art school  moved to a new building, we have been teaching the Bachelor’s courses in 19 studios (in 12 existing in previous academic years and 7 newly opened): Media and Didactic Illustration, Comics and Illustration for Children, Book Design and Paper Shaping, Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Illustration Graphic Art, Painting, Animation and Interactive Art, Multimedia, New Media, Intermedia, Applied Photography, Sculpture and Space, Ceramics, Fashion Design, Shoe and Fashion Accessories Design, Industrial Design, Product Design , Metal and Jewellery Design.

The Master's Degree Study Program continues  in 8 studios: Illustration, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Design, Metal and Jewellery Design, Intermedia Art, Sculpture and Ceramic Design.

During their studies, students have the opportunity to participate in international projects, competitions, exhibitions and other activities. Students may complete internships not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad thanks to the Erasmus and Free Movers scholarship programmes. Students of other art schools, similarly, have the possibility of internships at the Institute of Art and Design. Plein air courses take place in the UWB training center at the Castle of Nečtiny and also abroad. Semester projects and final works are exhibited in the new LSFDA building. Students of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty od Design and Art have at their disposal all the facilities of the University (PC classrooms of the Faculty, PC classrooms of UWB, University library, canteen, dormitories, etc.). Students and teachers of the Faculty participate in many prestigious events – see the DVD Information about Study (prestigious activities, international cooperation).

In addition to educational activities for LSFDA students and for students of other faculties of the University of West Bohemia, the Faculty organizes and provides teaching "Art courses for the public and prepararion for university  studies". These courses, as well as art courses which are traditionally held as part of the annual International Summer School of Art – ArtCamp,  together with the figure drawing course taught by Prof. Boris Jirků every year, are suitable for those who want to study at any art school of higher education.

They prepare candidates for entrance examinations. The candidates may also profit from the possibility to consult their art works with the teachers (for more details – see the DVD Information on courses, prestigious activities).

The head of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty od Design and Art is the Dean, by the Rector.

The Dean appoints and dismisses the Faculty´s Arts Council, whose members are distinguished representatives in fields in which the Faculty carries out its activities. The Dean acts as the chairman of the Arts Council. The Arts Council discusses and approves matters of education, research, development, artistic and other creative activities of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty od Design and Art .

The Ladislav Sutnar Faculty od Design and Art consists of the Department of Design and the Department.of Fine Arts. The departments are headed by their respective Heads of Department. The LSFDA teachers provide courses for LSFDA students and, in the framework of the University credit system, they are also involved in teaching students from other faculties.

Every field and specialization has its guarantor. These appointed academics are responsible for implementing the curriculum in accordance with the graduate's profile.

Among the most important documents which are provided by the Act on Universities No. 111/98 Coll. and which the LSFDA students are required to follow are the Study and Examination Regulations of UWB, the UWB Scholarship Regulations and the Disciplinary Code for Students.

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